Assistive Listening over WiFi for Campus wide Audio

Sennheiser MobileConnect streams audio content via WiFi live and in superior quality to any mobile device of students and audiences.

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Following the Bring-Your-Own-Device concept, it is an easy-to-use and intuitive Assistive Listening system. The new Generation of MobileConnect consists of three components: the MobileConnect Station, the MobileConnect Manager, software and the MobileConnect app (iOS and Android) for use on student´s smartphones.


Superior Audio

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Low latency is indispensable for Assistive Listening. MobileConnect enables low-latency transmission to mobile devices. It provides real-time audio streams with high quality sound and perfect speech intelligibility. The integration into existing networks enables Assistive Listening everywhere and at any time.

Personal Hearing Assistant

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The Personal Hearing Assistant enables users to perfectly adjust the audio signal to their individual hearing needs. The touchscreen control makes it easy and intuitive to use. The Hearing Assistant enhances speech intelligibility and offers superior sound quality.

Integration and Operation

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MobileConnect integrates easily into existing network and audio infrastructures. Administration and setup of the entire system is made easy by the MobileConnect Manager.

Bring your own device

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Students and audiences use their own device as the receiver. No additional hardware is needed. For users the familiar device is convenient to use. For operators there is no effort for device handling and maintenance. The Total Cost of Ownership is kept at a minimum.

QR Code Scanner

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The user can now access the channel over a Channel ID entry or by scanning a QR Code.

Unicast Transmission Technology

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With MobileConnect, transmission of audio content over WiFi to all smartphones (iOS & Android) is possible.

Compatible with
Hearing Aids
Cochlear implants

Personal Hearing Assistant

The Personal Hearing Assistant allows users to adjust the audio signal according to individual hearing needs and enhances speech intelligibility and sound quality. The intuitive touchscreen control offers easily accessible Assistive Listening for the hearing impaired.

Personal Hearing Assistant

Campus wide Network integration

The system is designed to be the Assistive Listening solution for the entire campus.

The MobileConnect Manager

The MobileConnect Manager is the backend of the system. It is installed on an on-Premise server hardware. It offers a single point of administration for all MobileConnect Stations. All stations in the network will discover the manager and register automatically. The settings include channel configurations, audio inputs as well as the generation of QR codes.

The MobileConnect Manager

The MobileConnect Station

The MobileConnect Staion supports up to 100 simultaneous clients.

The MobileConnect Station

One Device, many possibilities.

The ½ (half) 19-inch MobileConnect Station handles the audio. It can be installed anywhere in the network, whether it be a lecture hall, a central server, or a media room. Power over Ethernet minimizes the installation effort and makes the device predestined for use in a server rack. It features two XLR inputs and outputs, as well as Dante™ inputs.

One Device, many possibilities.

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