Microphone - Drums, Percussion

e 904

Kompakt, dynamisk kardioide instrumentmikrofon. Konstruert for trommer og perkusjon. Kompakt, med klype for å feste til kanten på tammer og skarp. Suveren lydprofilering, kan tilpasses enhver perkusjonsstil. Robust metallhus.
NOK 1,895.00
inkl. MVA
Article No. 500200


Full of sound – full of life.

With its consistent frequency response, the e 904 creates a sound that is as transparent as it is harmonic and that can be wonderfully shaped. It can be cleanly embedded in the drum mix thanks to its precise attacks and voluminous body. The set receives an extremely energetic and defined sound with this microphone. The e 904 reliably withstands even the hardest direct hits. Thanks to its practical clip, it is child's play to attach to the rims of snares and tom-toms. And, with its compact form, it takes up a very small amount of space.


  • Dynamic compact microphone

  • Consistent frequency response offers wide flexibility for individual sound designs

  • Very quick transient response delivers precise attacks

  • Extremely simple handling and flexible positioning

  • Extremely rugged metal housing

  • Hum compensating coil

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Hva er med i esken?

  • e 904 microphone
  • MZH 604 drum clamp
  • Pouch
  • User manual

Technical Data

  • Dimensjoner
    63 x 41 mm
  • Kontakt
  • Frekvensrespons
    40 - 18000 Hz
  • Vekt
    125 g
  • Sensitivitet (fritt felt, uten belastning) (1 kHz)
    2 mV/Pa
  • Nominal impedance
    350 Ω
  • Min. terminating impedance
    1000 Ω


  • Digital brosjyre
    • Brochure evolution wired 900 Series (360 KB) Download

  • EU samsvarserklæring
    • EU Declaration of Conformity e 904, e 906, e 908, e 935, e 945 (220 KB) Download

  • Datablader
    • Product specification e 904 (290 KB) Download

      Product specification sheet for the e 904 instrument microphone of the evolution wired 900 series

  • Bruksanvisning
    • Instruction manual e 904 (PDF) (590 KB) Download

    • Series instruction manual - evolution wired stage microphones (HTML) Download

  • Safety instructions and regulatory information
    • Safety Instructions evolution wired 600, 800, 900 series (1.4 MB) Download

  • Hurtigguider
    • Quick Guide e 904 (310 KB) Download

      PDF version of the printed quick guide of the e 904

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