Cardioid Microphone - Drums and Brass Instruments

e 604

Kompakt, dynamisk kardioide instrumentmikrofon. Overfører høye lydtrykk uten forvrengning. Egner seg til skarptromme, tammer og perkusjon. Festes raskt og enkelt med klype – overalt. Robust, forsterket mikrofonhus og klype.
NOK 1,425.00
inkl. MVA
Article No. 004519


The classic – thanks to clip and character.

Character instead of mainstream. Close to the attack, tough, easy to handle: the e 604 has long since been a classic on the rims of tom-toms and snares the world over. Thanks to the practical clip-on holder, the microphone can be mounted in seconds and positioned however you choose. Lightly emphasized in the upper mids and highs, the e 604 provides a forceful sound, open and clear in the lows. The snare receives a warm to dynamic presence; woodwind instruments also receive a marked spaciousness. This is no wonder, since the sound design is based on the legendary MD 421 microphone.


  • Rugged reinforced glass-fibre body

  • Low sensitivity to impact and handling noise

  • Very high sound pressure handling capability

  • Low distortion microphone

  • Hum compensating coil

  • Easy to position due to compact design

  • Integral stand mount

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Hva er med i esken?

  • 1 e 604
  • 1 drum clip
  • 1 pouch

Technical Data

  • Dimensjoner
    Ø 33 x 59 mm
  • Kontakt
  • Frekvensrespons (mikrofon)
    40 - 18000 Hz
  • Vekt
    Without cable: 60 g
  • Sensitivitet (fritt felt, uten belastning) (1 kHz)
    1,8 mV/Pa
  • Nominal impedance
    350 Ω
  • Min. terminating impedance
    1000 Ω
  • Vekt uten kabel
    60 g


  • Datablader
    • Product specification e 604 (210 KB) Download

      Product specification sheet for the e 604 instrument microphone of the evolution wired 600 series

  • Bruksanvisning
    • Instruction manual e 604 (PDF) (580 KB) Download

    • Series instruction manual - evolution wired stage microphones (HTML) Download

  • Safety instructions and regulatory information
    • Safety Instructions evolution wired 600, 800, 900 series (1.4 MB) Download

  • EU samsvarserklæring
    • EU Declaration of Conformity e 600 series (640 KB) Download

  • Hurtigguider
    • Quick Guide e 604 (1.6 MB) Download

      PDF version of the printed quick guide of the e 604

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