IE PRO BT Connector
Clear stage sound – simply everywhere: the IE PRO BT Connector is an option for the IE 100 PRO, IE 400 PRO, and IE 500 PRO in-ear monitors. Just plug it in and the legendary IE sound is available wirelessly, for example on a mobile device, tablet or PC.
NOK 949.00
inkl. MVA
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IE PRO BT Connector
NOK 949.00
inkl. MVA

Stage sound. Everytime. Everywhere.

Simply swap the cable and enjoy perfect sound everywhere. The IE PRO BT Connector turns our in-ear solutions into wireless everyday companions (IE 100/400/500 PRO). Just plug in the in-ear headphones and pair them with your mobile device, tablet, PC or any Bluetooth®-enabled source. That's it. Phone calls are also possible through a built-in microphone. For this we use the wireless technologies and audio codecs such as Bluetooth® 5.0, AAC and aptX™ Low Latency. A small finger remote with voice assistance gives you comfortable control over your device.

  • Built-in microphone and remote for call and music control

  • Lightweight and durable semi-wireless connector cable

  • AptX™ Low Latency ensures perfect synchronization with video

  • Up to 10 hours of battery life for all-day listening

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  • 1 IE PRO BT Connector
  • 1 USB-C Cable
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