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Du har allerede en Sennheiser hodetelefon og vil ha nytte av vårt utvalg av reservedeler og tilbehør? Her kan du finne komponentene til ditt produkt.

Reservedeler og tilbehør

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A 5000-CP

The A 5000-CP passive antenna provides an optimum solution for both transmitting and receiving RF signals throughout the UHF spectrum. Installations have demonstrated that the circular polarization of this antenna minimizes variations in signal strength and almost eliminates multipath problems, a primary cause dropouts. The gain of this antenna over the entire UHF band is superior to common `off the shelf' antennas. The wideband design (450-960MHz) of the A 5000-CP allows it to accommodate antenna distribution systems for either wireless monitors or wireless microphones across multiple frequency ranges, offering maximum flexibility when designing complex RF systems.

A 1031-U

Passive omni-directional antenna.
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