MD 441-U
Dynamisk superkardioide mikrofon med lydkvaliteten til en kondensatormik. Balansert lyd. Presis og forvrengningsfri gjengivelse selv ved de høyeste lydtrykk.
NOK 9,975.00
inkl. MVA
Article No. 000762
MD 441-U
NOK 9,975.00
inkl. MVA

The MD 441 U is a microphone of exceptional quality: its acoustic properties come as close as possible to those of a condenser microphone. Accurate signal response and low distortion are ensured, even with the highest sound pressure levels. Surface:

all metal body with black leatherette finish, sound inlet basket: nickel plated.

  • Excellent feedback rejection

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Spring capsule mounting provides low sensitivity to handling noise

  • Hum compensating coil

  • Five position bass roll-off switch

  • Brilliance (treble boost) switch

  • Integral pop filter

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  • Hurtigguider
    • Instruction manual MD 441-U (270 KB) Download

  • EU samsvarserklæring
    • EU Declaration of conformity MD Series (660 KB) Download

  • Bruksanvisning
    • Supplement sheet MD 441 U (300 KB) Download

  • Sikkerhetsguider
    • Safety Guide MD microphones (510 KB) Download