DD ready

… is the mark of quality for future-proof
radio systems that already meet tomorrow‘s
standards today…

… and the pledge from the Sennheiser brand to
deliver premium service and first-class advice
for all wireless audio transmission applications
within the current legal provisions.

The Digital Dividend

What is The Digital Dividend?

Wireless microphones, in-ear monitoring systems, ENG and instrumental transmission paths, wireless conference and interpreting systems plus visitor guide systems all need one thing above all else to work properly: a high-quality high-frequency spectrum to transmit audio signals.

The basic conditions have changed fundamentally – including structural initiatives to extend the wireless network for mobile telephones and additional new electronic devices. As a result, politicians across the world have redirected precious frequency ranges from the UHF band to mobile telephony, offering it to the highest bidders. The previous users of these frequencies and their requirements were largely ignored in the process. This spectrum – now lost to radio microphones – is referred to as: The Digital Dividend.

A world without audio wireless technology is now completely inconceivable: radio and film productions, theatre, musicals, conferences, sporting events, concerts and festivals, religious meetings, educational institutions and many other users depend on this electronic support. A high-quality frequency range is an essential prerequisite to enable the cultural and creative industry to grow.

Sennheiser works with national and international bodies to obtain and secure the right quality range for operating these wireless production tools for its customers on a long-term basis.

We develop highly specialist devices and make these available for individual applications; we explain the complex legal regulations, advise on selecting the right radio frequencies, we are committed to maintaining a high-quality frequency range in order to ensure sustainable development in all related industries.