DD ready

… is the mark of quality for future-proof
radio systems that already meet tomorrow‘s
standards today…

… and the pledge from the Sennheiser brand to
deliver premium service and first-class advice
for all wireless audio transmission applications
within the current legal provisions.

Sennheiser Solutions

Wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems

XS Wireless

XS price, XL performance: the XS Wireless series provides reliable wireless technology for first-timer users.

evolution wireless D1

0 or 1, on or off – and when it is on, it works: as a digital radio system, evolution wireless D1 doesn’t compromise.


Sennheiser’s AVX is the most relaxed way to record video sound wirelessly. The first choice for all videographers.

SpeechLine DW

Made for your words. SpeechLine Digital Wireless provides the highest speech clarity and concise sound quality for educational and business applications.

evolution wireless G3

You know you can. The series for users who want everything for stage technology: a complete package – without any restrictions.

evolution wireless G4

The ultimate wireless system that grows with you. The fourth generation of Sennheiser's most popular series worldwide leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexibility, ease of use and reliability.

2000 Series

Your challenge. Your choice. Whether it's for sports events, theatre productions or other live transmissions: always the first choice.

3000/5000 Series

The key to perfection. For the largest events, most stunning performances and global transmissions.

Digital 6000

No compromise. The digital two-channel solution in compact 1-HE rack format. Precision, like our state of the art Digital 9000 series.

Digital 9000

The wireless masterpiece. For all sound professionals in TV studios, auditoriums and live stages who won't accept any compromise in their wireless multi-channel set-up.


Hardware management

Sennheiser transmission paths can be integrated seamlessly into modern media control systems using dedicated interfaces. Sennheiser also provides free, powerful and highly specialised software for controlling and managing the hardware available.

Wireless System Manager (WSM)

The Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager is professional software for remote monitoring and control of Sennheiser wireless systems. Intelligent features make the WSM the ideal choice for TV studios, live events or musical productions. The Wireless Systems Manager for Mac and Windows helps users with the setup and frequency coordination of wireless systems and with monitoring, offers a clear and intuitive display of all the important parameters at a glance.

Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager

Control Cockpit

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is the revolutionary key component of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless System. It was conceived and optimised for applications in companies and educational institutions. As a central software hub Sennheiser Control Cockpit is very user-friendly and provides the easiest possible controlling and maintenance of all SpeechLine Digital Wireless, D 6000 and evolution-wireless G3 devices in the network.

Sennheiser Control Cockpit

Wireless System Remote (WSR)

The WSR app turns iOS devices into practical remote controls for the digital transmission paths of the evolution-wireless D1 system and SpeechLine Digital Wireless. It is possible to configure, organise and monitor several systems, including mixed systems, via the app.

Wireless System Remote

Frequency coordination tools

Sennheiser Intermodulation Frequency Management (SIFM)

SIFM is the Sennheiser software solution for quickly defining operational radio frequencies of wireless microphone setups.

Sennheiser Intermodulation Frequency Management

Service offers

In principle, many current Sennheiser wireless systems can be quickly and easily switched over to other frequencies by our high frequency specialists. To do this we need to have the relevant transmitters and receivers for just a few days in order to re-equip them on site at the Sennheiser service centres.

Price list for Sennheiser frequency conversions

Please check the country-specific list for frequency conversions here.

Frequency Service Price List

Service offers

Sennheiser Sound Academy

The Sennheiser Sound Academy provides customised training and expertise at an international level for Sennheiser Group employees and customers. As THE company for professional audio solutions, with a success story stretching back decades, we can help you to extend your practical know-how and your understanding of technology. Even if you are an expert in your area.

Sennheiser Sound Academy

Sennheiser Sound Academy

Contact Center

Contact Center

Do you need specific advice on your high-frequency project? For the past five decades Sennheiser wireless microphones have led the way in operational reliability, perfect transmission and live sound.
We are happy to share the practical experience we have gained across a broad range of industries. Let us help solve your problems.


  • What is The Digital Dividend?

    • The “Digital Dividend” describes the reclassification of parts of the frequency range for radio transmissions in favour of new technologies, mainly mobile telephony applications. The remaining frequency bands – analogue and digital (DVB-T) television transmission for private households and others, including wireless microphones in particular – have been assigned to previous users. Transmitting all radio signals free of interruption and malfunction requires modern devices that are frequency-efficient and equipped with intelligent software and high-quality filters.

  • Which frequencies are affected?

    • The Digital Dividend was introduced in several different stages: Stage I (2013) included frequency 790 - 862 MHz and 838 – 862 MHz; stage II (2019) includes/included mainly frequency 694 – 790 MHz. In general, virtually all wireless microphone applications are affected by these changes.

  • I have to change the frequency of my wireless system. Should I opt for frequency conversion or new product?

    • An individual assessment of the relevant system is required depending on the age, remaining duration of use, condition and class of the transmitters and receivers. To find out for yourself whether a frequency conversion is possible and the anticipated cost, use the information in the “Service“ section or complete the call back form to get advice from us.

  • How can Sennheiser help with Digital Dividend conversions?

    • In keeping with its “DD ready” philosophy, Sennheiser provides modern hardware and software in all relevant frequencies, a conversion service for most high-frequency products and reliable information for your application, appropriate to current and future legal provisions.

  • I am a professional user and would like to register my frequencies. What should I do?

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