DD ready

… is the mark of quality for future-proof
radio systems that already meet tomorrow‘s
standards today…

… and the pledge from the Sennheiser brand to
deliver premium service and first-class advice
for all wireless audio transmission applications
within the current legal provisions.

Frequencies for wireless audio equipment.

Sennheiser has always been a leading manufacturer of wireless audio gear. For decades, engineers in the broadcast, theatre and entertainment industries have put their trust in our well-known RF competence, high reliability and the superb sound of Sennheiser wireless systems.

We continue to provide professional knowledge, in line with the ever-changing demands on the frequency spectrum:
Discover the optimal equipment for your business or project, understand how to determine and operate a safe frequency setup (within current legal provisions), and find how best to deal with changes to laws relating to the The Digital Dividend.

Get DD ready.

Contact Center

Contact Center

Do you need specific advice on your high-frequency project? For the past five decades Sennheiser wireless microphones have led the way in operational reliability, perfect transmission and live sound.
We are happy to share the practical experience we have gained across a broad range of industries. Let us help solve your problems.